Referencing ranges in other sheets


There’s a cool formula in Google Sheets called IMPORTRANGE that allows you to reference ranges in other sheets.
Does Collabora Online have a similar feature?

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Welcome to the forum, @EtagiBI. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the question.

No. Not currently.

But it would make a good enhancement request!

Do you have a Github account? You could submit it as a “Feature Request” to the Collabora Online github:

It would probably also help to include a link to:

and any other examples/supporting documentation/use-cases you have on it. :slight_smile:

As to the technical reasons why it isn’t implemented yet…

There are a lot of tricky issues with loading external resources/files, or running across “infinite loops” where A->B + B->A.

So right now, each Collabora document is “stuck in its own jail”.

Side Note: On a similar note:

  • Links to ranges in other external documents isn’t supported yet either.

It is in the list of feature enhancements though.

I even brought it up back in July’s weekly meeting #128:

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This long time waited enhacement is alredy in Github


Fantastic @Rodal . Thanks for linking to that exact Github issue.