'save as' and 'export as' buttons do nothing in UI

How did you happen to get those buttons to pop up?

def CheckFileInfo(file_name):
    res = {
        'BaseFileName': 'my_document2.odt',
        'Size': 2031616,
        'ReadOnly': False,
        'UserCanWrite': True,
        'OwnerId': 1,
        'UserId': 1,
        'UserFriendlyName': 'YourName',
        'SupportsFileCreation': True,
        'UserCanNotWriteRelative': False,
        "SupportsUpdate": True,
        "SupportsRename": True,
        'UserCanRename': True,
        'Version': '01',

And do any sort of errors show in the console when you press the buttons?

Nothing, like button was never pressed. same in docker log

“Latest CODE” could mean anything, and if someone comes across this same problem 1 year from now… the “latest” could be completely different! :slight_smile:

plus i’m used 1 year old image, problem persisted. Additionally i installed NextCloud in docker, on the same CODE “save_as” works as should. so problem technically not in CODE image.

PS. i’m running everything on Windows. flask run --host=