Status report: consultancy team, week 19, 2024



PDF Reader - Create comments / add notes – improve slide & draw commenting

  • Implement popup to show the annotation note content when clicking on the object
    • single click selection
    • don’t select the annotation
  • Make PDF import work for SdrPathObj
    • import and set the properties
  • Add ObjectAnnotationData, which is something every SdrObject has
    • mainly to contain everything about annotation in this object
    • and to prevent SdrObject rebuilds, which rebuilds half of the LO
  • Rework adding and deleting annotations
    • code present on the annotation manager in SD
    • currently “delete all annotations” crashes for some reason
    • we put annotations on the page (SdPage - SdrPage), but maybe it’s not needed - traverse all objects on the page instead and check if they are annotations
    • lots of code rework needed sadly

PDF Reader - Accessibility view – bringing checker sidebar to Online

  • Speed improvements for json dumping are in
    • much faster, but still 3-4 seconds before the accessibility checker dialog appears
  • Still not ideal as the user has no idea from the UI that the accessibility checker dialog will appear
    • need to show the accessibility checker dialog, but not run the check right away
    • maybe show an update button before we run the checker for the first time
    • better UI
    • TODO


Worked on: