Status report: consultancy team, week 31, 2023


  • cool#6911 support merged cells in online comment bounds
  • cool#6911 online comment layer only shows comments if full cell is onscreen
  • cool#6937 fix asan error, get to pass ci and merge
  • fix up testTdf125334 to not break if hyphenation is available
  • cool#6911 rtl support for comment positioning in browser
  • cool#6911 issues with frozen row/column and comment positioning
  • cool#6911 draw note indications browser side
  • cool#6911 optimize ViewContactOfPageHierarchy to quickly skip hidden SdrCaptionObjects
  • cool#5376 profile writer document scrolling in firefox
  • change tileprocessed command to accept multiple tiles
  • profile perf on loading comments from xlsx
  • coverity warnings in online
  • complete and merge cool#6911


— Large TOC - navigation not right

  • Fix provided

— Nested table is lost when exported to ReqIF-XHTML

  • Fix provided

— ReqIF-XHTML import ignores cell padding of tables

  • Fix provided

— New API for saving an embedded object as rtf wrapped ole file

  • Fix provided

— Cursor is not invalidated when pressing space in LOK

  • Will work on this next


  • Merged the fixes for “Draw/Impress dark mode preview bug”, now awaiting testing
  • Started working on “Calc: Display first line in cell by default when reading Excel file, roundtrip/editing case”


Finish document themes for Impress:

  • various clean-up of ComplexColor
    • members to private
    • add methods for common operations
    • remove unused ThemeColor
  • adding ThemeDialog into impress
  • improving Impress ThemeColorChanger
    • adding support for changing theme color in styles