Versioning for documents in COOL

I’m missing the versioning of documents in COOL. Is this a non implemented feature or is there a configuration to enable it?

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Yes, there is:

In the far upper-right corner, there is a “Share” button:

which opens a sidebar, where you can find a “Versions” button:

This document versioning is dependent on your integrator though, like Nextcloud, Owncloud, etc.

For example, here are the pages for:

Also, inside COOL, there’s also two other “versioning” menus found after pressing:

  • Review > Manage Changes
    • This will show you all the changes made by users, if Tracked Changes is on.
  • File > Repair
    • This will show you a list of all changes made to a document, which you can roll back.

Thanks for the information. We are using it via Moodle activity and I will ask the plugin developers.

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