Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #22

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #20

Date: April 29, 2021
Next meeting: May 6, 2021
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  • Pedro, Nicolas, Kendy, Thorsten, Michael, Ezinne, Andras, Gokay, Aron, Andreas, Rizal

Community update (Pedro)

  • Muhammet unwell still, but stable.
  • Have been quite busy creating new Easy Hacks
    • and other issues, perhaps less easy – but good first issues to tackle.
  • More people contributing – but don’t know the numbers.
  • Polishing various things – source-code comments, online documentation
    • docs-wise; transforming the loleaflet API documentation – turned into source comments
    • doing it option by option; will be good.

JSON Toolbar / Notebookbar changes (Szymon)

  • Work going on here – using the new JSON structure from Andreas
    • avoiding empty git message commits.
    • Now missing one thing – regarding tabs: Home tab is slightly different JSON structure.
  • no change in impl. Yet – just building – just did a cleanup of our static json
    structure in the JS; so we can play with it …
    • doing the work on master (Andreas)
      • last PR sounds awesome – tested on Windows (Pedro)
  • next step: some open issues – we have CSS files with fixed colors (Andreas)
    • can we switch to some variable color ?
    • go to loleaflet.css – already leveraging some CSS vars there
      • sounds great, started doing some of that in the past too (Pedro)
        • need to come up with something for IE
        • we drop IE11 in master for co-2021 etc. (Michael)
    • is there a list of variables to use ? (Andreas)
      • list is on top of the CSS file loleaflet.css (Pedro)
        • free to come up with what you think is the best.
    • Love to see more ‘cool’ use instead of loleaflet (Michael)
      • some back-compat bits.
  • Not all content-related notebook bars (contextual tabs) are available (Andreas)
    • added Szymon to an issue – ask; most context related tabs we don’t need.
    • for eg. media files, or embedded files / OLE ? But for graphics
      • would be nice to have the context tab.
    • Because no-one added it yet (Szymon)
  • please CC new additions: UNO commands, particularly dialogs to Michael/Kendy
  • Switch from classic → notebookbar default ? (Andreas)
    • what is needed there? Do we have everything already?
    • What is still missing? Some testing – really desperately need to do (Pedro)
      • when using calc – some comments/buttons that need to work properly
      • testing:
        • insert→row break; didn’t have in classic mode
          • a reason: need to define print regions first
          • doesn’t make sense to include (Andreas)
            • need some visuals on the page too.
            • For Calc – don’t have a “show paginated view” yet.
      • Will do that auditing (Andreas/Pedro)
  • thanks for the windows testing from Andreas (Pedro)
    • can you send staging CSS files ? (Andreas)
      • way more stuff there; have a look …
      • branding above is there (Pedro)

CanvasTileLayer bits (Michael)

  • Seems the browser is not our friend – big backlogs of events in the web-socket.
    • producer/consumer mis-match → fixed that.
  • Rendering of frames not as fast as it could / should be.
    • Profiling that & doing improvements → 300ms to render a frame: too long.
  • Tor building end-to-end profiling tooling.

Icon theming (css class names) (Pedro)

Async Saving (Michael)

  • Reviewed and merged 1st tranche … doing larger groups of writes here
  • Ash is preparing patches, and fixing corner-cases around async save
    • expect a week or so to get it in.


  • not possible to run scripts on it; tested - it’s not.
  • Can we use gitpod while pushing PR’s; tested & re-tested permissions
    • can’t see how to accept from the org side.
    • Andras helped out – but … tricky; dropped for now.
    • PR’s are always from private branches
      • doesn’t allow more people to commit to that PR
      • can write notes (Andreas)
        • eg. a user who can contribute – its fine; but for regular users doesn’t make sense.
          • Also good not to use-up the 50hrs free gitpod/month …
        • tested windows client instead; need to install an additional git – the DCO =)
          • a bit annoying.
          • Can paste the Signed-off-by <> string into the commit (Michael)
          • Change-Id- worked.
  • Solved Andreas’ issue – by getting setup on Windows.

CI bits (Andras)

  • continuously fixing problems with CI – not a single cause, there is progress.
    • Michael fixed one for Android
  • still seeing problems with the debug build – for unknown reason
    • shutdown & cleanup loolwsd – throws an exception – trying to chase it.
  • Packaging problems – need to add header files to distribution, so ‘make dist’ should contain these things.
    • Small stuff to fix along the way.
  • Switched back to cp-6.4 for master 10 days ago or so,
    • probably it would work for co-2021 now too; need to try it.
    • Was not buildable on Android, eg. have tickets for that.

Pull requests (Michael)

  • none

Nextcloud & Staging (Andreas)

  • default to Notebookbar ? …
  • did a gap analysis (Szymon)
    • missing bits from classic were added to notebookbar
    • probably nothing is missing.
  • Should we switch to Notebookbar yet ? (Michael)
    • hold off it a little bit – wait a bit more (Pedro)
      • lots of changes / improvements entering
      • wait – a bit more confidence to advocate for that.
    • Expect this for co-2021 (Michael)
      • if not sooner.
      • Would be nice to have it next month (Pedro)
        • in one or two more weeks.
  • Will help to improve the notebookbar layout (Andras)
    • to make it more consistent.

Ongoing work (Kendy)

  • Dennis is working on improvements in calc auto-fill
    • re-enabling it, and improving it to be more usable.
    • popup with possibilities planned.
  • Improved rendering of PDFs → so it is possible to scroll the whole document
    • instead of clicking in the slide-sorter.
  • Slowly starting on sidebar bits (Szymon)
    • working on co-2021 branch – first fixing cypress tests
      • ensure mobile-wizard works correctly.
        • Fixed – a couple of issues in wizard & notebookbar
    • Formula-bar – changed in 7.1 …
    • was surprised to see no rendering of rich text in formula-bar (Michael)
      • thought this was the point – but apparently not even in PC version
      • issue with the formatting (Kendy)
        • not visible in the formula-bar, but preserved when editing there.
        • but destroyed when writing back from the plain text …
          • new impl. with JS / input field etc. ?
          • applying changes?
        • Could we render it with a local text widget, but not edit there ? (Michael)
          • worth filing a ticket (Kendy)
      • Getting 2021 working & onto JSDialog.

Release schedule bits (Andras)

  • No releases planned this week
  • Big patch set merged to cp-6.4 yesterday
  • CODE 6.4.9
    • blocking on async saving / bulk writing work review …
      • one to two weeks out (?)
  • New core branch co-2021 polishing for next months
    • hope to have a snapshot as/when it passes its tests.

Next Meeting
Next meeting will take place on Thursday, April 29, 2021 at 10:00 am (UTC)