Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #57

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #57

Date: Jan 27, 2022

Next meeting: 03/01/2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Szymon, Kendy, Gabriel, Michael, Gokay, Alexandru, Andreas K, Ezinne

Welcome breakage

  • odd behaviour of welcome screen – Kendy filing a ticket.

Community update (Pedro)

GitHub activity:

Forum activity:

  • Time to first response: Average time (in hours) of the first response to new topics:

C hat rooms

  • “How to properly shutdown coolwsd, sending a SIGTERM at the moment, but JailUtil.cpp:removeJail() function doesn’t seem to be called during the shutdown.”,
    • [ ] WRN Prisoner connection disconnected but without valid socket.| wsd/COOLWSD.cpp:2365
    • [ ] ERR Failed to remove [/var/db/collaboraonline/child-roots/bndIp93Nj8SLgOf0] only: File not found| common/FileUtil.cpp:286
    • Vmiklos: coolwsd.service explicitly sends a SIGINT, probably you should do the same :slight_smile:
    • sending SIGINT gives the same result.
    • The cleanup procedure removes stuff from child-roots/ recursively. If name of the jail goes after “tmp”, things work, otherwise fail. Now the question is how to fix this properly.

Thanks to New contributors:

  • stellarpower
  • Emmy Denison
  • grandinj
  • tholewebgods → 6.4

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Working on Infobar
    • Michael: there are other info that we could put in later on
  • Fixing regressions that creeped in
  • Improving how document name shows (avoiding cropping for now reason) → remove ancient JS function that was setting hard coded pixels (not needed now)
  • PR reviewing and helping
  • Also some UI tweaking on going
  • Andreas
    • First I would like to have everything in CSS vars and then we can keep going on that direction
    • Context top toolbars
      • Andreas: The PR is a redesign for how the whole context toolbar
      • Andreas: I think the animation (slow) can be fixed if we do not redraw it
      • Andreas: maybe better to do smaller steps
      • Michael: every time we animate we potential stop to talk with the web socket. Wrong interactivity problems, etc.
    • Mobile bottom context toolbar on Writer: Using table: we missing the split cell → Pedro will open issue

What we’re up to (Szymon)

  • RTL: fixed formula bar
    • There is another bug from core and it only happens in RTL mode
      • when content has multiple lines
  • Format of new paragraph body (regression)
  • Fixed help links, we had incorrect urls

Schedule & update (Gokay)

  • we released 2021-11 last week and we also released a minor release for 2021-11 this week.
  • We released a minor release for co-6-4 yesterday

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • On vacation.

  • People trying to open CSV with COOL + Nextcloud (Pedro)

    • used to be a problem with default mime-type
    • registered to open with a text editor.
    • Reverts back to open as text.
    • Jan: “For sure, if Collabora is installed, makes much more sense to use that for opening CSV files. :slight_smile:
  • Limitation in files-app (Julius)

  • Maintenance release of richdocuments with template fixes soon

  • regular calls with Pedro,

  • Looking at the notebookbar design – to see how we can improve that further

    • seeing how we can make it fit into the NC design-language
    • some findings – of duplicate hamburger / notebook-bar

1&1 bits (Gabriel)

  • Created docker images to vanilla version for both versions (6.4 and 21.11)
  • Feedback: The latest version (21.11) looks nice, specially looking at the sidebar :slight_smile:
  • Next week
    • We will be testing 21.11 and then we will report back
  • working on upgrade plans for next month decide on version
  • What’s the version in staging
    • not from a specific point branch but a snapshot from master with asan etc. turned on
  • have a logging change from window.console.log (Alexandru)

Easy bug(s) (Pedro)

  • I have been trying to add more easy hacks and I started again at it last week

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