Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #60

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #60

Date: Feb 17 2022

Next meeting: 24/02/2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Gabriel, Michael, Kendy, Julius, Nicolas, Simon, Andras, Pranam

Community updates

  • welcome dialog still a mess – but being worked on.
  • Butchered infobar around still (for admins)


  • lots of good presence there – talks & positive feedback from people


  • nice to have activity from people there, rising sign-up numbers
  • we have two-to-three regulars kindly helping out:
    • thanks to: …
  • github discussions:
    • mainly for technical announcements – asks to tests etc.
      • encourage questions onto the forum, and in organic searches.
      • And with SDK links now; more and more discoverable.

SDK updates

  • work gone on here to make it easier to follow, up-to-date, migrate etc.

GitHub activity:


  • presence on the front-page of
  • Several tasks, org submission still pending …
    • lots of nice code pointers there; mostly JS & C++
    • Mockups / images pending – so easier to understand.

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

  • Maintenance release of Nextcloud Office app
    • lots of fixes that piled up in the last weeks
    • particularly the template handling heavily improved
    • files created from templates were not opened properly.
      • Any further reports – would like to see them – should be solved.
    • Fixes mis-positioning of the iframe.
  • Looking into some further feature development
    • Working on hamburger menu & UI in general.
    • font-up-loading is coming along (Kendy)
      • Written the JSON downloading pieces
      • Hope to have Tor on this next week.
  • Notebookbar configuration option ?
    • Not started yet – but on the list after polishing Notebookbar
    • Once it looks decent – will add config switches a next step.
  • Office.vue problem
  • Chasing a strange locale issue with es-419 locales …
    • very odd; have a patch to give the user an error not a hang queued.
  • Discussion – how to improve the Nextcloud sidebar when viewing in the doc
    • perhaps we don’t need document preview – have more space etc.
    • need to discuss with designers.
  • Users/comment system ? (Nicolas)

Forum activity:

  • lots of these being answered by Pedro.

Design bits (Pedro)

  • Notebookbar keeps getting improved
  • Hamburger Menu can nearly be removed – fewer elements fighting for attention
  • Fewer elements around paragraph styles’ look, cleaner now.
  • Annoying bug – only calc on mobile – weird bezel on top toolbar
  • CSS vars wins from Andreas K
    • many of these have been merged.
  • Andreas K switched save icon switched to a cloud – got merged.
  • Other bits applying border radius consistently in many elements
  • Have some dialogs with huge rounded corners – need to fix.

Other ongoing work (Gokay)

  • Working on CODE release today
    • later today will have a new CODE release
    • working on the last minor things on that.
  • Szymon working on the welcome dialog
  • Pranam working to improve master view & impress editing.
  • Remote configuration work – JSON to fetch (Rashesh)
    • nearly done with this – will have a screencast today.
    • starting the font thing.
  • Async-save – still yet more fixing here from Ash
    • looking reasonably reliable in our testing.
  • RTL fixes & various other fixes.

Schedule & update (Andras)

  • Created a new release branch co-21-11-2 will release from there

1&1 bits (Gabriel)

  • Tried to reproduce performance issue creating a new page
    • could not reproduce it.
    • Perhaps should press a special button / set of actions to generate it.
    • Something like a corner case.
    • Could be related to fields & invalidations (Michael)
  • issue with async-save
    • investigated – only reproducible when using local storage
      • not an issue - only affects debugging.
    • Local-storage has two usages (Kendy)
      • initially for testing, but now we have internal WOPI server in debug mode
      • file-storage – still used for apps: iOS / Android
      • if potential that this affects apps themselves:
        • needs fixing at some stage
      • app has only one view & user in this case.
    • Could be a non-issue there too.
  • Would be good to fix if this is reproducible (Kendy)
    • if something simple can provide a fix (Gabriel)
      • will create an issue.
  • Alexandrus’ console debugging: (Michael)
    • I added Help→About – check-box for console logging → can enable it.
  • Alexandru’s Inserting remote image post-message (Pedro)
  • Alexandru’s last modification timeout setting (Pedro) browser: add last modification timeout setting by alessioalex-1and1 · Pull Request #4195 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
    • needs re-basing.

Easy bug(s) (Pedro)

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