Community Weekly Meeting 119

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #119

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Attendees (write your name):- Michael, Cosmin, Andras, Anna, Ash, Gülşah, Gokay, Aron, Darshan, Szymon, Shehr, Ezinne

Performance on Staging- When everyone has joined – it works nicely …

  • Much better performance now …

  • staging is crashing with some asan horror regularly – but unrelated.

Release schedule (Andras)- First 23.05 Alpha build by the end of this week

  • We then release weekly – to get a 23.05 out next month.

  • Releasing from the master branch – and we should keep changes safe there until we branch for 23.05.

  • Another bug fix 22.05 next week is expected with normal fixes

Releasability of master (Michael)- CI / Cypress status (Gokay)

  • got it mostly stable; now we see some crashes.

  • Perhaps some devs not re-based their patches yet.

  • No particular test that is failing for now; will continue checking.

IOS- Patrick has done some nice fixes to make 23.05 build & Caolan is reviewing.

Forum (Mike D)- Mike missing the call.

Dark mode (Darshan)- Paris’ work is merged – continues on Calc.

  • Darshan → icon theming work is done

    • compat view is not reflecting the theme; needs some changes.

    • Getting image part from CSS – its tough to fix.

      • W2ui is causing grief … but we can’t replace it yet.
    • Needs some help from Szymon

      • fixing android / scroll icon.

Core activity- Post updates on this to the forum.

  • Caolan found the performance regression in 23.05 Online in core – now fixed.

  • Pranam running new tests from MSO with critical fixes

    • PPT tests are done; Word + Excel tests still running.

    • MSO was crashing/hanging; fixed.

Online activity- Cosmin –> working on migration to 22.05 at 1&1 – playing with it and evaluating.

  • Ash

    • got most of the parallel loading to work: makes the whole load request processing asynchronous & puts the validation before any resource allocation

      • very minimal commitment from a connection until CheckFileInfo passes.

      • All but 8x tests passing.

      • Also accelerates startup by doing resolution earlier

      • could we run ahead of the websocket ? (Michael)

        - still happens on the websocket upgrade.
      • Instead of creating request & storage doing checkfileinfo etc.

        - have to reverse this – no storage, no doc-broker etc.
        - once working – can move to run-ahead of file-serving logic.
      • Can we merge this into master ? … if stable enough.

        - Getting it perfect before end of next week ?
        - Hoping the hard half is behind us now.
      • Heavy lifting everywhere – not conditional-izeable.

  • Gulsah

  • Szymon

    • JSDialogs … last week did an improvement on their layout

      • they are more compact now; not over-sized like before

      • much less ugly than before.

    • Now: working on linking API to export navigator & thumbnail details

      • will not have an infinite response time.
  • Shehr

  • Michael

    • did not much – filed a lot of ticket reports / planning bits.

    • Not enough coding …

  • Pranam

    • working on test automation

    • would be good to work on 23.05 issues.

QA update – 23.05- Aron – no overview yet on this

  • Timar – we have a 23.05 workboard; has 50 bugs on it:

    • these have been categorized nicely into Features, Frontend bugs, Meta

      • will start working on this.
  • Are we using staging routinely ?

    • Not sure that we are (Anna)

    • engineering can fix things quickly to get it into a good state for QA

    • packages should be available from Monday (Andras)

  • Plan to tag to day, and packages tomorrow (Andras)

    • Szymon is going to get a published tool to de-bong journals & so on.

      • Existing tool can be extended to ASAN … (Andras)

        - it runs on staging – just crontab -e
      • under version control in collabora gitlab.

        - Hostname is in it etc.
        - text in – text out + detect backtraces & expand the symbols them …
    • 1 blocker: horror crasher we have …

  • Ezinne – apart from the crash – would like to dig into it.

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