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Development Day: September 30th

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Subject Name
Opening Session Kendy (Jan Holesovsky)
Translating Collabora website Raal
Notebookbar structure Andreas Kainz
FreeBSD Support Gleb Popov
Cypress tests – howto, notebookbar & more … Rashesh Padia
Canvas for rendering UX Gokay Satir
Calc canvas improvements Dennis Francis
Performance improvements Tor Lillqvist
Editing simulation Mert Tümer
Android new features Mert Tümer
iOS new features Tor Lillqvist
Scaling / performance simulation Pranam Lashkari
Dialog improvements Pedro Silva
Mobile design improvements Pedro Silva
Icon / Colibre work Rizmut
Volunteer QA / marketing ? Rob Pearson
Bisection Nnamani Ezinne
Collabora Online Forum update Mike Kaganskiy
Stability & cleanup improvements in Online Gabriel Masei
Kubernetes setup & deployment Pranam Lashkari
New sidebar / dialog backend Szymon Klos
Async-save design Ashod Nakashian
VBA macro support Henry Castro
OOXML document analysis Gülşah Köse
Rendering wasteage and performance Lubos Lunak
Setting up your own Collabora Online Aron Budea
SDK: creating a new integration Marco Cecchetti
Document searching Tomaz Vajngerl
Multi-page PDF viewing Gokay Satir
Text / JSON protocol performance improvements Noel Grandin
Fuzzing / asan / string-vectors Miklos Vajna
Gutter Margin Miklos Vajna
User sentiment reporting (backend) Henry Castro
User sentiment reporting (Design passing styles) Pedro Silva
New Nextcloud / richdocuments pieces Julius Härtl
New Moodle integration bits Michael Wuttke
Easy hacks to get involved Kendy (Jan Holesovsky)
Collabora Online as Symfony application Pol Dellaiera
Closing session Michael Meeks