How to insert text into excel use wopi?

I need to insert text into excel use wopi,but it didn’t work!
Does not CODE support this action?
What should I do for this purpose?

Hi Joe and thanks for your interest on Collabora Online : ) I think it should work, how did you try to do it?

I try to resolveit use python script,it’s work! But,how do I get the cell position?

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BTW Using Python scripting in Collabora Online — SDK documentation

Concerning your question, hopefully these links help:

Thank you so much,the problem has been solved.

nice to hear that @Joe , don’t you want to create a new forum topic documenting how you did it ; ) so maybe more people can use it as a reference : )

Please say how you did it, it sounds very interesting.

Ok,I will create a new topic to discuss it.
I have a new problem like this topic Using external storage as a link

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@Joe let me know if you need help or ping me when you have the topic so Ic an make it a wiki post