Hyperlink to file on android

Hi from France.
I am discovering Collabora on my Androïd device. I downloaded it from the Play Store.
I am trying to insert an hyperlink in an odt file pointing to an other odt file located in the same directory.
When using the function Insérer / Hyperlien, I write the text and the link = name of the file to open but I am not able to specify that it is not a link to the web.
So Collabora save it with the http prefix.
Do I miss something ?

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Hello @Pit.

Welcome to the forum + thanks for the question. :slight_smile:

No. In Collabora 23.05…

  • You can only point to URLs.
  • You cannot point to other ODTs/files on the device.

I suspect it’s especially hard(/impossible?) because of abstract filesystems on Android/iOS. They might lock you into sandboxes, where your apps can’t even see any other files on the filesystem.

Collabora Online has similar systems in place to stop that from happening too. (It shoves files into a temporary “jail”, so files can’t “escape” and begin opening random files on the server too.)

Question: Does “linking to other files” work in Word (or other word processor apps)? Have you tested this on other apps on Android/iOS?

Hmmm, now that extra HTTP seems like it’s a bug.

Thanks for the report!

For example…

  1. Type in:
  • www.collaboraoffice.com
  1. Press ENTER.
    • Collabora will autoformat+“blue underline” the URL for you.
  2. Click/Tap on URL.
  3. In little URL popup:
    • Press the “Edit Hyperlink” button.

In the boxes, you’ll see:

  • Text: www.collaboraoffice.com
  • Link: http://www.collaboraoffice.com
  1. Edit the “Link” box with something valid, but non-HTTP… like FTP:
  • ftp://www.collaboraoffice.com
  1. Repeat Steps 3+4.

BUG: See “Link” box with:

  • http://ftp://www.collaboraoffice.com
    • There is an extra http:// added to the beginning!

Side Note: From a quick testing, it seems like the “Edit Hyperlink” popup:

  • handles HTTP + HTTPS

but doesn’t let you manually use other valid ones, like ftp: or even mailto:.

Side Note 2: In testing, it also looks like this WORKS:

  1. Type:
  • ftp://example.com
  1. Press ENTER.

Collabora Online will convert that into a correct FTP hyperlink…

But any sort of edits on it adds an extra HTTP and breaks the link!

Side Note 3: I also tried to manually create a file:/// link.

Looks like Collabora spits out a warning:

warn:legacy.osl:24928:24926:xmloff/source/text/txtparae.cxx:389: hyperlink without a URL --> no export to ODF

and does not let you even open/launch them.

Thank you for the reply.

Hi from France
The only word processor installed on my Samsung tablet is Collabora. I’m not a Microsoft fan !
Regarding the sandbox : yes could be but in general a sandbox has always a possiibility to include an acces to a small part of the storage. For example FireJail allows you to access to the Download directory.
In my case, I open with Collabora an odt file in a directory, so it is accessible and I want to insert an hyperlink on an odt file stored in the same directory, so not outside the sandbox if this sandbox exists.
So missing feature in Collabora, at least on the Androïd version ?
Would be great if the development team of Collabora is aware of this point.

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Thanks. I mentioned it in today’s “COOL Weekly” meeting.

Yes, me too. :slight_smile:

But sometimes if you can see Similar Apps X, Y, and Z can do it on Android/iOS… then at least you know something like that IS POSSIBLE.

Anyway, it also helped me find a few other issues too. Like let’s say you:

  • open up an ODT that already has links to other files
    • using file:///

you wouldn’t want Collabora Android/iOS to mess up those links.

Hmm… definitely something to think about + test some more.

I installed AndrOpen on the tablet : the only modes for hyperlinks are : Web or FTP or Telnet. Do not have enough time to check with all alternative applications, and many are not free.

Seems that Collabora would have a good point versus competition if they manage to integrate an hyperlink pointing to a local file in same directory.