Open remote file in LibreOffice

Hello guys,
I’ve switched my Nextcloud instance from OnlyOffice to CollaboraOnline.
I thought that I could remotely open file directly from LibreOffice to bring some modification in file while other people could modify the file (collaborative edition) from Nextcloud instance but I couldn’t find this feature in LibreOffice.
Did I miss something or maybe that’s not possible ?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

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Not sure if fully understand what you’re intending to do.

You cannot edit it in LibreOffice at the same time while it’s edited in Collabora Online / CODE.

You’d most likely just overwrite changed done from CODE when saving.

It’s possibly to edit the same file alternately in LibreOffice and Collabora Online - you can access it in Nextcloud using

  • the Nextcloud sync client
  • via WebDAV if you mount it in your OS / configure it as a network drive (even though performance will not be too good)
  • LibreOffice’s “Open from Server” feature

Okay, many thanks for your feedback.
That’s what I thought.

So bad.