Toggle track record on/off in spreadsheet

I must have accidentally turned on the track record feature in a spreadsheet, and I don’t know how to turn it off. The only way I found is to download the document from the NextCloud instance where I run CODE, turn off the track record using LibreOffice and the upload the file. Also, the Collabora documentation seems to refer to the LibreOffice menu since I don’t find any similarity with what I actually see in my CODE interface.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Version info:


6.4.11 (git hash: a937747)

Served by: eda77eaf


Collabora Office 6.4-48 (git hash: 3edd452)

Welcome @snack.

We have the track record feature in Writer, You can click on it to turn it On and Off.
However, the feature is not yet present in the Calc spreadsheet.

Please can you send a screen-recording to help the issue understand better?

Hi @Ezinne, here’s a screenshot:


The document was created directly on NextCloud, i.e. not uploded. The track record appeared after a while and was not present at the beginning when the document was freshly created. As said above, I cannot tell how it got activted.