Weekly COOL meeting #92

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #92

Date: Oct 13 2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Szymon, Andras, Gökay, Gulsah, Michael, Rashesh, Aron, Thorsten, Kendy

Gabriel (1&1)

  • Issue: Collabora Online not sending close (it closes by in the response does not send close)
    • Our proxy fails. Idea: adding close to the connection header
    • Kendy: Please ping Ashod (via email) if necessary
      • but not necessary ATM it seems
    • Gabriel: took a closer look but still didn’t push
      • Still some cases to go over
      • How will client react when close http header is sent
      • PR: Probably will be sent today
      • Michael: Needs to be tested with our http proxy
        • ./wsd/ProxyProtocol.hpp, ./wsd/ProxyProtocol.cpp – worth checking.
    • Maybe someone else from our side will start to contribute :slight_smile: on the front-end
    • add 'Connection: close' header to http responses. by gmasei11 · Pull Request #5225 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
    • We plan to release mini upgrade today


Adfinis crowsdfunding already live: Voice up your LibreOffice — Crowdfunding bei wemakeit

please tell Elisa she did a lot of great work on the crowdfunding, making the video, etc

Let’s share, spread the word All the money goes to fund the good work. The goal needs to be reach or else the money goes back to the people who donated

Release schedule (Gokay)

  • CODE release postponed to next week so we can include font work from Tor

Nextcloud bits (Raul)

* Local editing feature is almost done. Additional pointers to make it even better but it is done. Probably wise to wait for the next release (it depends on athe newset desktop client version)
  * Public NC survey on Collabora Online plus NC integration and other Nextcloudy things → the results will be probably published soon https://nextcloud.com/blog/european-governments-work-with-nextcloud-to-build-digitally-sovereign-office/
  * PDF default option set to Collabora Online if present
* Ipad where close button was non-existent (only happens via NC app)
  * https://github.com/nextcloud/richdocuments/pull/2451
  * Maybe there is further improvements coming because now the NC top bar is quite useless
* Working on dropping an .ini file in top-level Nextcloud sync folders so that the desktop client can interact with locking / desktop / collaborative editing as the user chooses
  * Tor working to read / interpret this and tweak the UI to better integrate
  * some potential issues getting authentication tokens for LibreOffice – so deferring this ot the next step.
  * Julius talking to client team about auth issues.
  * https://github.com/nextcloud/desktop/issues/4880
* Today new richdocuments release for NC 22
* **Pending convert-to tokens:**

    * https://github.com/CollaboraOnline/online/issues/5076
    * Ticket on Nextcloud: https://github.com/nextcloud/richdocuments/issues/2169
* Pedro: Dark mode affecting when it shouldn’t
  * Currently dark mode is disabled in CO (development happening in feature/dark-mode branch )
  * https://github.com/nextcloud/richdocuments/blob/2c61f2eadd51653c778d866b1740aac43ae9c9ac/src/helpers/coolParameters.js#L47-L79
    * Julius needs to look at this in richdocuments
      * needs two fixes: one for the most recent version
      * plus one for previous versions.
    * Perhaps cut out the dark-mode completely since older richdocuments have problems there.

Forum (Pedro)

GitHub activity (Pedro)

Design bits (Pedro and others

Other ongoing work

  • Mert → trying to make Async file properties save with password

  • Kendy: Mert is finishing DeepL bits.

    • Kendy: will review core
    • Kendy: gerrit got updated with new patches. Will review that and then will get merge
      • https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/c/core/+/137199
      • Got merged! → probably already available in the nightly builds, thanks Nicolas!
      • We tested quite a bit. Staging was with languagetool setup
      • Last thing missing → now merged to Core master, thanks Miklos!
    • WRT to online part maybe Szymon: DeepL translation integration by merttumer · Pull Request #5096 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
      • Also added icon and now waiting for core part to be merged
    • Already finished. But improvements to go
    • WRT mentions Rash is trying to make ongoing mentions work
      • Finalizing now: https://github.com/CollaboraOnline/online/pull/5093
        • A problem with component but not really related with mentions PR
      • Next → Discuss /test within richdocuments (NC), WIP
      • There is no sparticular switch to turn this now, it just works but maybe we can add that in the future.
      • Right now it only works within the document itself (not in the comments yet)
  • Pranam: Fixed all the issues related to comments

    • back to kubernetes
    • work on improving sidebar on impress (multiple users)
  • Szymon: noticed a couple of JSDialogs problems and fixed that

    • Impress tiles fix → text going outside → Still in the review (Gokay)
    • Impress Master slide view fixes for multiple users
      • Split changes into smaller pieces so it’s safe and it is now ready for review
      • Slide view is now fixed
      • Assertion to be solved
      • Pranam reviewed, Szymon needs to look at it again
      • Also fixes rendering problems on Calc: F2 to edit formula: Currently we don’t see the edits up until we press enter
      • First part merged now
    • Scrollbars: Improving scrolling behaviour (calc only)
      • Scroll depending on the existing content
      • Next: possible to scroll cell by cell via arrow buttons
      • , Now it scroll only the data
    • Improved clear formatting feature [already merged]
  • Continuing working on rendering issues on impress. Missing unit tests and some other multi-user bugs to fix

  • Nick

  • Michael

    • zstd → hacked this up in a couple of hours: working nicely
      • needs a few more tweaks – and can merge it.
      • Waiting for master to be open for changes.
      • Andras: WE have now a prototype but still a WIP (it doesn’t work in some platforms). Compiled for Android!
    • Silly thing re: tiles vs. deltas: recv-tiles 5700, recv-delta 1311 – odd when we have so many people and should have lots of deltas.
    • coolstress testing tool:
      • needs more work: need a pet WOPI server –
        or an internal set of test documetns I think.


  • Sky-diving was fun,
  • Had a great time, lots of good talks …
  • Looking forward to next year …
  • Videos will be published on our YT channel

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