Weekly COOL meeting #93

Collabora Online Weekly Meeting #93

Date: Oct 13 2022

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Attendees (write your name):

  • Pedro, Szymon, Andras, Gökay, Gulsah, Michael, Kendy, Julius, Gabriel, Raul, Thorsten, Ezinne

Gabriel (1&1)

  • Issue: Collabora Online not sending close (it closes by in the response does not send close)
    • Our proxy fails. Idea: adding close to the connection header
    • Kendy: Please ping Ashod (via email) if necessary
      • but not necessary ATM it seems
    • Gabriel: took a closer look but still didn’t push
      • Still some cases to go over
      • How will client react when close http header is sent
      • PR: Probably will be sent today
      • Michael: Needs to be tested with our http proxy
        • ./wsd/ProxyProtocol.hpp, ./wsd/ProxyProtocol.cpp – worth checking.
    • Maybe someone else from our side will start to contribute :slight_smile: on the front-end
    • add 'Connection: close' header to http responses. by gmasei11 · Pull Request #5225 · CollaboraOnline/online · GitHub
      • Discussed during COOL Days, approved and merged
      • Ash: “Let’s get it in and improve the headerOnly as a follow up.”
    • We plan to release mini upgrade today
    • wsd: add lang param to conversion #5359 → waiting for review (Ash) (goal is to enforce that lang param)
      • affects date type cells (default locale) → seems awesome.
      • AI (Pedro) : update SDK docs to add &lang=fr-FR or whatever.


Adfinis crowdfunding already live: Voice up your LibreOffice — Crowdfunding bei wemakeit

please tell Elisa she did a lot of great work on the crowdfunding, making the video, etc

Let’s share, spread the word All the money goes to fund the good work. The goal needs to be reach or else the money goes back to the people who donated

Release schedule (Andras)

  • CODE will be released this week
  • Master ready for feature work

Nextcloud bits (Julius)

Forum (Pedro)

GitHub activity (Pedro)

  • Gulsah started to work on Calc: Percent format add a 00 to every value inserted.
    • Merged
    • Mobile resolve comment not working → fixed and merged
    • Double clicking on a cell doesn’t switch to edit mode → already looked at it, it seems on purposed (part of 7e056939d9a7ff94f61bd1008ec3cdac5cecc0d5 (gerrit core )
  • Next: Starting to work on some wonky hamburger menu bug (mobile)
  • Hacktoberfest review OPRs
  • Improvements for contrast on disabled items
  • Fix missing icons
  • Important fix for tabbed view (tabs now scrolalble)

Design bits (Pedro and others

Other ongoing work


  • zstd → working on Android now – but iOS is not done …
  • more risky stuff: online master is ok to merge new features into … release CODE this week from a branch (Andras)
  • Deltas working nicely – but getting lots of full-screen invalidations for no good reason – which causes waste. With lots of users in some cases -like this call.


  • Sky-diving was fun,
  • Had a great time, lots of good talks …
  • Looking forward to next year …
  • Videos will be published on ourYT channel
    • There was still post production to be done

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