Programmatic rendering of Header and footer content


I am looking at integrating Collabora Online with a custom web application - so we have a requirement where the document header content needs to be rendered dynamically based on some values related to user context on our web app and document type too. Even logo can change case by case.

Anyone can help me with some pointers as to how this can be achieved -

Possibility of injecting a dynamically generated custom header and footer before print or save as is issued?

Hi and welcome to the forum @pythonpen !

Right now there is no work happening towards that feature. Nevertheless Collabora Online allows for scripting : Using Python scripting in Collabora Online — SDK documentation allowing for interaction with the document itself (e.g. inserting data).

If you have Collabora Online Development Edition build (Build Collabora Online | Collabora Online - Community Page) you can see it for yourself by using the postMessage URL to see how it works the interaction with the iframe. That URL is visible when doing make run:

    postMessage:     http://localhost:9980/browser/dist/framed.doc.html?file_path=/home/co/online-master/test/data/hello-world.odt
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